The oldest, who was found while Teri offered Willowbrook State School a community based program for toddlers with Down Syndrome. Teri would see this toddler trying to crawl out the door every time it opened. She made a pledge to herself to get this child out and applied for foster care.

There were indications of abuse. Children would be hit with a rolled newspaper or with cupped hands over both ears. So, she challenged them and refused to return him to the unit. The parents of Ronnie never visited him at Willowbrook. He was taken away in the delivery room so the mother never had to see him. After some time passed he was deemed abandoned and Teri was allowed to adopt him.

Despite the fact that Ronnie lost the first two years of his life in Willowbrook, he is now fully functioning and works in a Greenhouse, beatifying the community. He loves growing things.

Ronnie participates actively in the Special Olympics, rides horses, swims and plays bocci and golf.